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Vibrant, blissful, and catchy, these are the words used to describe this 20 year old Filipina/Indian-American now based in Manila, ANJL, who just released her 5th single entitled “I’ve been”, apart from being a singer, she also produces her own beats on the music she makes and gives a sneak peak into her personal joys, pains, struggles, and triumphs as a young woman in the music industry through the crafty and memorable lyrics that she writes.
ANJL‘s latest release “I’ve Been” describes to the listeners how it feels to experience crushing on a person and developing feelings for them which most of us know as “puppy love”. Though she has passed her teenage years, ANJL tells us that she sometimes still feel these feelings, but has matured enough as to not be swayed so easily unlike how teenage girls can sometimes be.
When it came to creating this song, the creative process was different from how ANJL frequently does it. During the making of this track the beat came first before the lyrics and the melody which is a rather unorthodox process as to how she frequently creates her songs and that the melody or lyrics comes first before she creates the beat. When it came to the writing process, ANJL tells us that she tried to paint the story of young frivolous love and she looks back to her personal experiences as inspiration for the lyrics. She describes her writing process as straightforward and compares writing a song as to how a someone would normally write a diary or journal of their daily experiences.
Listening to her tracks, one can say she gets her inspiration from well known R&B female singers such as Alicia Keys, SZA however, her biggest inspiration is Kehlani when it comes to music. The song “I’ve been” may have been a departure from the sound that her previous tracks bring such as “Falling” which had a rather darker tone as compared to her latest track.
ANJL describes this departure as a step towards the sound that she’s really going for stating that “I had a lot of fun recording “Falling” but it is definitely not the sound I see myself associated with right now. From my first single to this latest one, I have seen my personal interests and styles in music evolve. I feel like “I’ve Been” is more of the R&B/Pop fusion sound I am going for.” ANJL uses her singles as a way to experiment on the sound and music she creates, something that is more to her direction. When it comes to the lyrics that is present in her track, English is the main medium but ANJL has already begun studying Tagalog to be able to connect on a deeper level with her Filipino supporters. She has only been able to experience the scene in Manila for a year and she says that there is so much more to experience when it comes to the Filipinos and ANJL looks forward on what the year of 2020 will bring for her in terms of her career as an artist.
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