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New Zealand based Filipino-Bisaya Hip hop Duo, FlipGang has recently been back in the Philippines to make even a bigger mark in the region of their hometown: Cebu City. They performed their familiar tracks in the newly opened bar called Hometown Heroes which was formerly known as Trademark for the first time on the Beat This Philippines Sinulog event, When The Streets Are Silent, with a full house for an audience. Their songs such as ‘Wild for the Night”, “Jerimiah 17”, and “Ambisyon”, have already been gaining a stable number of streams on Spotify alone. FlipGang also boast with a number of music videos on their YouTube channel for the songs mentioned, racking in a number of 30,000 views on average. Their latest song “Pasikata” which was released last January 17, 2020, had already been able to get almost 100K streams on Spotify alone, not to mention a music video that showcases the partnership’s music strength in numbers.

FlipGang has a very surprising backstory on how they met and formed the act, Harrey Kennedy Colina and Jeremy Madaje, making each other’s acquaintance on their Singles for Christ Group. FlipGang didn’t start out as a duo but originally as a group, but as time passed the others lost interest and only two of them we see today remain. The name “FlipGang” also came from one of the member’s life experience, as KC Philly or Harrey mentions it, the name came from his dance group in the past aptly named “Flip Kidz”. The “Gang” part in the name was added to give a different meaning to the word, which is frequently associated with violence. The “Gang” in their name symbolizes the love, companionship and the bond they represent as family.

Being based in New Zealand makes them a bit disconnected physically from the Filipino crowd which their music is aimed at. With community being a very important motivation factor to them, it is hard when area becomes a physical boundary. However, with the outburst of the social media, FlipGang, are able to connect to their Filipino heritage through it. As Jermz or Jeremy mentions: “It’s hard to be away from the “community”, but that’s the beauty of music, the waves of frequencies will reach to the ends of the earth and it’s surprising that there are a lot of Visayan listeners even out of the Philippines.” Being outside the country has also granted them other opportunities not easily accessible to the artist here locally. The biggest stage the duo has performed at is at Horn Castle Arena in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand, where the duo opened for a nationally successful Filipino Band, The Aegis.

Music is a seemingly a natural addiction to these two friends, with them mentioning how they sometimes reach dawn creating music. Their latest song “Pasikata” is their latest single, which was written, produced, mixed and mastered by members of the duo themselves. KC Philly was the person behind the production of the beat in the song, while both of them worked together to come up with the lyrics of the song. “Swag and Groove” were the two words which came into KC Philly’s mind while making this track and it was the same thing he mentioned to Jermz. FlipGang does not have any plans of releasing an EP or Album yet, but only plans to stick to singles for the next 3 years. Their next release will be on the early weeks of March 2020 and this slow but steady rhythm is what they would like their pace to be when it comes to their artistic career.

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