Jid Durano “Freestyle 2020”

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Joseph Ian Diel or better known by his stage name as Jid Durano, has been making moves in the local music scene of Cebu City for the past 5 years. He’s a Hip-Hop artist also known for his ability to produce his own beats and worked with other artist as a music producer. Releases such as “Issues”, “Chubi”, “give up.”, “Hypnotize” to name a few alongside collab releases with JRoa on “XO”, Hero Tunguia on “Hot Sauce” and the latest “Tropical Vikings” with independent label CARELESS MUSIC roster including Curtismith, Massiah, KINGwAw, Jetter and James Reid. Undoubtedly making Jid Durano a staple in the current state of the Cebu’s music scene. 
On the closing month of 2019, he released his latest track entitled “Freestyle 2020” which he had written and self produced, saying he wrote this song while he was at home and decided to finish it in one sitting. The sample used in the main melody of the beat was retrieved from a classic song that was in his sample file folder, it was then chopped and turned to the main melody and the rest of the beat was finished in just 15 minutes. The lyrics apart from being a freestyle, details Jid Durano‘s rise in his music career despite the number of people who doubted him in the past. It outlines his mindset how he’s not letting anybody color his decisions this coming 2020, and how he’s leaving the negative atmosphere that the Hip-Hop scene has brought on him.
In his journey as an artist, despite the negative energy that the Hip-Hop scene brings with it, Jid Durano was also able to acquaint himself with good people and collaborators. Due to this positive influence that these aforementioned people have brought on him, he was able to see a different picture not just on the music but life itself. This positive energy that he emits is also reflected on the current state of the Cebuano local music community.
As mentioned by Jid Durano himself, “Cebu’s music scene is really at its peak right now! And all I can say is we need to help each other grow no matter what the genre, I just know for a fact that if we don’t set aside our egos our industry won’t grow and the last part of my verse is me saying to my co-musicians i’m done with the negativity and i’m really happy for everyone’s progress and growth. Cebu is too small for the hate we need to help ourselves and each other also see the bigger picture that’s ahead of us.”
Jid Durano also wants to give a special shout out to friends in the scene for all the positive energy, “Just wanna show love to Anton Aldeguer, Nik Kho , Tony Alfonso, Job Penalosa, Miguel Calina, Chase Bantug, Gussy, Arji, Willow, Resty, my band mates (Janjan, Edric, Ivan and Paul), Gino V, Gino Rosales, Karl Lucente, Luigi Balazo and Lawrensaw Pastraknow for the deep talks, mind easing conversations & good energy!”
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