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ENTITLED OPINIONS is here, Mistah Lefty‘s latest project and recently released mixtape. John Michael Albingco, otherwise known as Mistah Lefty is one of the leading names in the Hip-Hop community and the Cebuano local music scene with his fast flow delivery and ingenious word plays as well as metaphors makes him a stand out from the rest. With previous releases such as “Rage Aftermath”, “Target Locked”, “Meditate” and “Only Half”, Mistah Lefty is our favorite young, up and coming wordsmith from Cebu.
ENTITLED OPINIONS is a 10 track mixtape consisting of tracks such as “Intruder Coming”, “Mr. Mistah”, “Moven Venom”, “Target Locked”, “Praying before Preying”, “Ardor”, “Meditate”, “Open Eyes”, “Back to Reality” and “All Good”. All tracks are now available on Youtube for your listening pleasure. It was aptly named ENTITLED OPINIONS due to the artist various ways of expressing himself as well as how he has interacted with various other creatives in the scene for the year of 2019. The mixtape exhibits who Mistah Lefty really is, as the songs were not written in any particular order and it all just came from what he could write and exhort from his pen detailing his immersion in the Cebuano music scene this past year. There were 3 producers that Mistah Lefty worked closely with for this mixtape but the mixing and mastering was done by himself. The creative process of writing these songs were described by Mistah Lefty as All natural, all the tracks were finished before an arrangement was made but once you get into the deeper meaning of tracks and their titles you see the message that the artist wishes to communicate to his listeners. 
The mixtape starts of with the track “Intruder Coming”, which describes how people can be divided in the music scene sometimes and this theme continues on to the track “Ardor” where Mistah Lefty describes how intense the scene is with all struggles that an artist faces. The scene has a deceitful energy as the artist describes it and it is a cycle depicted by the following tracks “Meditate” and “Open Eyes”. The mixtape ends with the track “Back to Reality” in which Mistah Lefty turns his viewpoint to the reality outside of the local music scene and ending on a high note with the track “All Good”
Competition and otherwise commonly known as “Beef” in this contemporary world is a very big driving force in the Hip-Hop genre of Music. It is a main topic featured heavily on this mixtape but rather on a low-key basis. The same can be said about one of Mistah Lefty‘s biggest influence: Eminem, who is known for his competitive attitude during his prime years of his Rap Career during the 2000’s, this attitude can also be seen in Mistah Lefty and how he deals with his adversary’s in the game of rap music. However, Mistah Lefty also has this to say regarding his other adversary’s in the music scene: “Respect. Respect me and I’ll respect you. That’s the role of each artist in the scene. Not everybody bumps with what you are making and as long as you are commited to your craft and plan not to touch nobody, you’re in good hands.”
There is no music video planned for any of the tracks on the mixtape at the moment however, Mistah Lefty says that the year 2020 will be the year that he will have his first music video as he is working closely with someone who is meticulous in this field. He does not plan on taking a break as he is already currently working on three new tracks as he describes that his gas was refueled during the release of his mixtape.
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