Shawn Wasabi's MANGOTALE

June 11, 2020

Shawn Wasabi: MANGOTALE by Kenn Ohdate

Shawn Wasabi finally reveals his long-awaited debut album MANGOTALE and fans have been eagerly waiting for a full-length project that will show the world what Shawn Wasabi can really do and it does NOT disappoint. MANGOTALE is a 12 track album with an all-female crew of singer-songwriters. The album contains features from artists such as kennedi, Tia Scola, raychel jay, and more. It also shows the growth of Shawn over the years and it expresses his very well-being, as well as flexing his wide range of musical skills. 

MANGOTALE shows exemplary skills in music production. The album gives the listener this beautiful, refreshing, and happy vibe that just puts a smile on your face. With Shawn Wasabi’s skills, it brings the best out of all the artists that have collaborated in this album. The album contains tracks including career single for the album “MEDICINE” featuring Tia Scola that talks about the euphoric feelings of being lovesick.

“THE SNACK THAT SMILES BACK” featuring raychel jay is accompanied by a beautiful music video that shows Shawn’s unique ways of creating his music. The song's lyrics are filled with double entendres that merge perfectly with the track.

“MARBLE TEA” starts off with a beautiful church vibe sound then is suddenly followed by some trippy effects then back to the church vibe. This track might be short but it’s a trip that is not easily forgotten. It is immediately followed by the track “tokyo tea" featuring Spacegirl Gemmy which is a fusion of some future bass elements and rap. This track has a slightly heavier beat but does not stray away from the identity of the whole album. 

One of the unique things about MANGOTALE is that each track has its own visual character representation from Mango Island, beautifully designed by illustrator Ann Alonso. Mango Island is an idyllic paradise created for the fans to add to the experience of listening to the album MANGOTALE. 

Overall, the album MANGOTALE as a whole is nothing short of amazing. It shows Shawn Wasabi’s growth, range of musical skills, and more. This album also shows how well he can highlight the talents of the people he collaborates with while still flexing his own. The progression of songs in the album is well thought out and it is recommended to give it a listen in that order. Amidst all the stressful things currently going on in our world, this album helps relieve some stress and give the listeners a way to relax and refresh our minds. 

If you like Madeon, 3LAU, Fusq, and dark cat, you will probably like Shawn Wasabi.

Beat This Radio recommends these tracks:

  • MEDICINE featuring Tia Scola
  • THE SNACK THAT SMILES BACK featuring raychel jay 

Official Spotify of MANGOTALE below: