Aloura "Secret"

July 08, 2020

A producer, songwriter, and artists in her own right, Julia Gannaban or commonly known as Aloura, unveils her latest mystery through her latest track aptly titled "Secret". Produced and Written all by herself, "Secret" is Aloura's latest groove-filled song with an inquisitive nature on the production that will surely make you question the relationships we keep in this day and age.

The track "Secret" dwells on modern relationship standards that we maintain in this contemporary society. As Aloura sings in the chorus of this track "I don't wanna hide, wanna be with you in public", a clear subversion of the lowkey relationship type of thing we love to engage in today’s rather socially open society.

The production on this track as Aloura describes it herself is 'sexy and inquisitive', a groove and bass-driven track which were all recorded using live instruments. The lyricism and vocalization are a clear nod to the artist’s influence such as female singers like Halsey, but the song "Secret" can be compared to tracks like "Motion" from up and coming neo-soul band Emotional Oranges.

"Secret" has been Aloura’s 4th release this year and this artist/producer package is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to gracing our ears with her unique production and intimate lyricism.

5.jpg (13 KB)   The Track Record by Trevor Sederiosa
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