ANJL "Love You Thru The Phone"

September 15, 2020

Filipina-Indian RNB singer Anjali Nath, otherwise known in the Filipino music industry as ANJL, swoons us with her latest release "Love You Thru The Phone". A groove-filled R&B contemporary jam which revolves around the struggles many of us face today in long-distance and rather challenging relationships and the song which serves as the debut single to her long-awaited EP to be released on the fall of 2020.

"Love You Thru The Phone" dwells on a long-distance type of love, the type of love that we all can relate to in this time of social distancing. The perspective of ANJL shows her willingness to make this relationship work, she mentions 'I’ll always be the one that you can come home to' shows ANJL’s willingness to work it out and to see it through no matter how much time has gone by.

Produced and written all by ANJL herself, this goes to show the pool of talent that ANJL has to offer to new and older fans alike. Layered by a soothing yet catchy piano and complemented by a slew of Hip-Hop based drums, the track "Love you Thru The Phone" shows her influences as a mix of both classic R&B singers like Alicia Keys and with contemporary R&B artist like Jhene Aiko.

The track record of ANJL is only expanding, with previous tracks such as "I’ve Been" and "It's Not Me It's You", being a few noteworthy mentions from her portfolio. "Love You Thru The Phone" is the latest addition to this growing portfolio, but is certainly not the last with her upcoming EP set to drop this coming November in the year 2020.

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