Annie Lux: BEHIND This Beat

October 11, 2020

On our 7th episode for BEHIND This Beat, Alex "Phat Boy" Lim and myself had the pleasure of travelling to Canada virtually, of course, and catching up with Filipina-Canadian and Bicolana singer-songwriter, Annie Lux, it was a blast talking to this female RNB artist, producer and all round cool chick.

We reflected on her upbringing, studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and how she creates music. This was a really interesting episode for me because I related to Annie Lux on many levels - she had moved to Manila around the same time I had moved to Cebu last year and we bonded over our journeys and how even at one point, we were in the same venue without even knowing each other, this event was our stint in Manila called Beat This ALLIANCE which happened last November 2019.

Annie Lux's style carries a unique sound that will leave you wanting more every time - her ability to produce and curate instrumentalists to suit her vocals and story is a testament to her studies, and much like all of our guests on BEHIND This Beat, she was modest, kind and well spoken. 

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Cameron Klepiak a.k.a Boy Graduate is a songwriter/producer from Melbourne Australia as well as co-host of the BEHIND This Beat Podcast. His extensive knowledge in both the creative and industry side of music has allowed him to share his journey, as well as connect and share other artists' stories.

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