Ashley Mehta: BEHIND This Beat

November 01, 2020

Congratulations, you have made it to another week of exploring modern Filipino music and what the Philippines have to offer on a global scale! Alex “Phat Boy” Lim and I (Boy Graduate), your trusted host and confidants have another exciting artists to share so this week we touch base with Filipino-Indian-American Pop Recording Artist and Songwriter, Ashley Mehta.

Ashley Mehta is a versatile and genre bending artist - exploring the depths of dance and electronic styled production, other genres she’s dabbled in are R&B, Pop and even a little Hip-Hop, so if you’re a fan of any of these genres you will be able to sink your teeth into some independent and world level tunes.

We had a chat with Ashley Mehta about her start in college and how she networked her way to building a close knit community of music makers and also discuss her sound on how she found it through song writing and experimentation plus we got to know her a little more with our patented Instagram “Post and Tell” segment.

I really enjoyed meeting and chatting to Ashley Mehta, I think her attitude towards life and music is a credit to her releases and the success she has experienced in her growing career. We wish her all the best with what she has planned next and look forward to catching up with her again in the future.

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Cameron Klepiak a.k.a Boy Graduate is a songwriter/producer from Melbourne Australia as well as co-host of the BEHIND This Beat Podcast. His extensive knowledge in both the creative and industry side of music has allowed him to share his journey, as well as connect and share other artists' stories.