Erik Villanueva "Feeling"

September 28, 2020

The talented artist from Manila, Erik Martin C. Villanueva or simply known as Erik Villanueva is back with his latest single entitled “Feeling” that was released on the 18th of September under Flipmusic Productions. He placed his heart and soul into writing this song that it turned out beautifully, with a unique mood to the beat that surely everyone can vibe into. Erik Villanueva started as an aspiring artist that no one believed in, but with the talent and skills that he had paired with his persistency for his passion for dancing and singing, he surely is one to watch out for.

“Feeling” portrays the experience of the artist throughout his journey he had traveled in finding the style of his sound and way of singing to deliver content that can compete in an international level. An artist who is commonly compared to Chris Brown and Michael Jackson and with his talent and skills as a singer-songwriter and a dancer I am sure he can reach his ambition of being successful. 

With his passion and confidence, Erik Villanueva was able to grow as an artist, wherein three of his songs have made it to Spotify’s Top 50 Most Viral Tracks and the rest of his tracks sitting between 300k to 500K views on his YouTube channel. Motivated by the negativity he has encountered throughout his journey towards his goal of success, Erik Villanueva will continue to showcase his talent as an artist and we can surely learn from him that to achieve your dreams in life you have to accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of your victory.

“I have a lot in store. My mind is always thinking about ideas. I will just keep getting better and better. Top myself each time.” Erik Villanueva said, as an artist he will pursue his dreams and passion for singing and dancing. He is unstoppable and believes that there is no limitation to what you can do and what you can achieve, because who knows? He might be the next Chris Brown!

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