Fonzy "Cool2gether" feat. Icy of Sepia Times

September 19, 2020

Three years ago, an ex-pop punk singer dropped his first song which would be his introduction to digital music production. This was his debut single “Bad Habits” under his new artist name Fonzy which led to his commercially acclaimed second single “Cool2gether” featuring Icy of Sepia Times, and which had a regular rotation in various commercial radio stations in Cebu. A music video was filmed for this single, I myself was a part of it and I remember it being the first music video experience, which contributed to my understanding of the logistics in shooting a music video.

“Cool2gether” goes through the process of how it is to be interested in someone romantically, and how sometimes it might just be right to dive into these feelings with no second thoughts. The music video paints the lyrics to visuals, narrating the story of a person formerly caught up in social media and not seeing this potential romantic interest in front of him.

Apart from building exposure from radio and online interactions, “Cool2gether” was able to build Fonzy’s confidence as a producer. Being only the third song he produced professionally, this track was able to develop his style as a producer which has led to other successful singles being produced by him such as ”Beplop” by Cookie$ and his entry to the Beat This Boutique 2020 compilation album “Kultura” working alongside Hero Tunguia of No Pets Allowed and Young Kael.

Seeing Fonzy’s growth for the past 2 years has truly been interesting, from the angsts teenage punk songs with Drop Decay and now to his EDM club bangers like “Swaggy B”“Cool2gether” was certainly a major part of this growth and without this milestone, this artist wouldn’t be who we know today.

“Cool2gether” has just celebrated it’s 2 years of existence and we at Beat This PH would like to celebrate this portrait of time through our latest series called Track Throwback.

Beat This Philippines: If there was something you would like to change on that song whether it be the sound or the video, what would that be?

Fonzy: Probably some vocal edits, other than that I think it's fine the way it is. Sure it could've been done better, but I don't really like to dwell on what's done already especially since I didn't know what I know now back then. I'm pretty sentimental, and I like to think of that track as a portrait of that time.

Beat This Philippines: Looking back, How do you feel about the song from when you created it to now?

Fonzy: Pretty proud haha. That song that helped me build my confidence as a producer and a songwriter just seeing people bump that on their stories and have the radios play it really helped to encourage me to do more and better with the next song.

Beat This Philippines: If there was anything that you've learned from releasing this track, what would it be?

Fonzy: That if you have an idea in your head that you fully believe in, you have to get it done no matter what. Don't be afraid to ask for help and recognize that you're only there to serve the song.

Beat This Philippines: What achievements have you gained from this release that benefited you in the long term?

Fonzy: Besides more radio and online exposure, it was a song where people got a proper introduction to the type of music I make. One thing led to another I guess.

Beat This Philippines: Explain what the music video was all about and how was the creative process towards it.

Fonzy: Dude spends a lot of time stalking his ex on IG, but realizes real life is much more dope. The process of making it was actually a really great time since I got a lot of my friends on board the idea and even decided to throw a last-minute party for a realistic party scene at a real club.

Beat This Philippines: If you were to go back in time, what would be an advice you would give to your past self in making this song?

Fonzy:Trust your gut. Keep it positive all throughout and know that most people have your back than you think.

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Trevor Jules G. Sederiosa also known as TREV. He is a combo to know, Artist, Publicist, Media Relations, and only 19 years old. Need a hustler? Get in touch with me and let's talk.

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