Jid Durano "Girlfriend's Anthem"

June 22, 2020

Jid Durano, Nik Kho, FTMA, Etienne Chantal "Girlfriend's Anthem"

Joseph Ian Diel, known by his artist and producer name Jid Durano, has a track for past ladies in his life. "Girlfriend’s Anthem" is a song co-written and produced by him and graced by the vocals of FTMA, Etienne Chantal, and Nik Kho of Midnasty, which is part of the compilation project for Beat This Philippines called Beat This Boutique 2020 that highlights music releases from Cebu and the Visayas-Mindanao collective of music producers in partnership with Warner Music Philippines.

The track "Girlfriend’s Anthem", as he mentions, is an ode to past lovers, hurt feelings, and the consequences incurred by such history in one’s romantic life. The chorus as provided by FTMA and Etienne Chantal is a rather bold statement saying “F*ck all of ya players, Straight from the feelings” and provides us the woman’s perspective on this song. Nik Kho comes in with the male perspective on the second verse singing “Pasensya sa sakit di na ma sukod, tanawa akong mata unsa ang sulod” showing the rather apologetic nature of the track.

The music production for this song resonates more with a dual mix of Hip-hop RNB type of beats provided by Jid Durano, taking the producer role instead of the Rapper he is popularly known for in Cebu, with the mastering of the track being done by industry hallmark Marcus Davis Jr. The main melody also features an electric guitar and with the kick-drums kicking in hard during the pre-chorus section of the track. Jid Durano uses the guitar as a lead melody and as a nod to his first release "Lady", which featured a similar lead melody but takes the feel and concept to a different level with the electric feel of the song.

"Girlfriend’s Anthem" has been one of Jid Durano’s most exciting projects to date, working with different talents from Cebu such as FTMA and Etienne Chantal, while also working with Dumaguete's prideNik Kho of Midnasty, the lineup is certainly a solid one!

Make sure to listen to "Girlfriend’s Anthem" on rotation at our 24/7 online radio found on the website or check out the lyric video below.