Keiko Necesario "Right Next To You"

July 23, 2020

Keiko Necesario comes out with her latest release “Right Next To You” on July 3, 2020, and what can you, the listener, expect from this song?

Emotions, hope, beautiful vocals, and amazing world-class music production. This song was fully written by Keiko herself while the production of the song was left to the UK-based duo, Chasing Fantasia. The synergy between the two leads to the creation of breathtaking music like “Right Next To You”.

Avid listeners are always curious about the inspirations of the artist when they create their music. Keiko Necesario wrote this track with an idea of a God-given love in mind. "When I wrote this back in 2018, I was single and was waiting for a long time; 29 years to be exact and I had to think of a way to express or maybe describe the feeling of finally, someone coming into my life and sharing with that person my blessings, my learnings, my pains, and most definitely my joys. That’s how I had to relate my personal journey to my songwriting, to not just write about my past or present but also, about my future. And I think I have found it. I found him."

“Right Next to You” is Keiko Necesario’s first song on her upcoming album Ready, Let Go. It is also the first song she recorded with producers, Chasing Fantasia. She gives credit to her label, Warner Music Philippines and manager, Graham Perkins, for making the vision of her music come to life. Keiko Necesario will be coming out with more music this year so fans can eagerly wait for these new releases.

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