Peaceful Gemini "Warrior Princess"

July 16, 2020

Peaceful Gemini releases her new single "Warrior Princess" and it is nothing short of amazing. This song was produced by Ninno of Sunny Sound Studio and some added flair from Bass Relief. "Warrior Princess" is the full package that packs a punch and will definitely make you want more.

I would love to give a description of this song but that wouldn’t do it any justice. The following quote is a beautifully poetic description of the song from Peaceful Gemini herself.

“The woman that's being described in the song lives a life led by intuition. She has heightened senses which allows her to move through her experiences powerfully in tune, yet easeful. She is the embodiment of grace, a true queen who recognizes that her life is ruled by the one true Source; designed by the Divine Architect to flow with the natural movement of the Universe. She honors her roots in Mother Earth, that's why she sees beauty wherever she goes. In turn, her aura becomes beautiful and magnetizing as well. She takes her time with herself in order to embody her authentic being, flaws, and all. She understands that there is space for duality in this world; that there is a purpose for the two polarities existing - to become in harmony. She knows that those polarities exist within her too. To be with her, one must acknowledge that she will not be easy to get. One must put in work and prove their loyalty. One must treat her like the goddess that she truly is. This song speaks to all women who embody that divine feminine energy within.”

"Warrior Princess" in itself is an amazing song and the jazzy - old school hip hop beat that will remind you of the lo-fi hip hop radio that you will definitely relax/study to, and with the added scratching from Bass Relief, the instrumental alone will make you hit that repeat button. Adding on to it with Peaceful Gemini's beautiful voice, old school flow, and poetic lyricism, this song is taken to a whole nother level. The way everything synchronizes with one another will make the listeners crave for more.

Peaceful Gemini will be working on more singles and collabs in the future and the fans will be eagerly waiting for it. She might be all about peace and love but she definitely knows how to kill it on the beat. Another thing you need to know about her is that she is all about creating a safe, uplifting, and healing space for women which reflects greatly in her music. Leaving you with a few words from Peaceful Gemini herself to the listeners, readers, and fellow artists are “Ask the smile in your heart to find you”.

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