Q-York x Miss Ramonne: Collab Class

August 07, 2020

Collaboration in music for the most part of it works now. We love the idea of pairing great talents and hear a majestic outcome that got created because two or three heads are better than one. This makes the artists’ working together compromise their creative ego, building a bond that will push them to beautiful arrangements and if done right, have a tight partnership moving forward. So, because we see a lot of those tracks pass our way here at Beat This Philippines HQ, we want to introduce this new segment we call Collab Class where we feature different artists accompanying each other to yield the best releases and know more the process of the collaboration. We coined this segment Collab Class as we feel like we are in a classroom and the professor calls to team up students to work on a science project, well, in this case, it is a music project. We will have more of this series of articles for you to enjoy.

Our first installment for the Collab Class will be Q-York and Miss Ramonne on the track “Can’t Hold Me Down”, we love this song and it was part of The Chozen Dozen around June 22, 2020. Let us get to know the story more about how they created this track.

Beat This Philippines: How did the collaboration happen for the track "Can't Hold Me Down"?

Knowa Lazarus: It was really random. We were all part of the elements camp and we ran into each other at a gig. We all had a conversation then followed each other on IG. We messaged Miss Ramonne about working on some music and she was like I am free right now. She came through the studio and we listened to some beats and recorded the song in 3 hours. After the song was done, we felt like we really had something. It was all spontaneous.

Beat This Philippines: Tell us a brief description of the song itself like what it is all about.

Miss Ramonne: It started out as a conversation on how our music journeys have been; Knowa Lazarus from the States, me in the Philippines. Our fuel is our passion and it is burning for music. Our life has been all about us pursuing and pushing for our dreams, going for it makes us alive.
Flava Matikz: Basically, just talkin’ about how no matter what happens or where you come from, what you been through, nothing can hold you down!!

Beat This Philippines: Take us into the production of this release, who did the production, and what was the reason behind the production style.

Flava Matikz: I initially created this beat for my Nanay [Beat Tape] release which is available on all streaming platforms. This is one of the beats I created freely without any boundaries, rules, or pegs.

Beat This Philippines: Any trivia on the song or interesting moments while making “Can’t Hold Me Down”?

Miss Ramonne: Oh man! This song took us 3 hours to write and record since Knowa Lazarus was also super awesome showing me his process in writing while at it. As a baby songwriter, I am super grateful. Was dope collaborating and food tripping!
Knowa Lazarus: The most interesting to me about making this song, is it wasn't planned at all.
Flava Matikz: We initially met Miss Ramonne during a show performing with Jazze Manuel.

Beat This Philippines: If I am a new listener of both artists, what is the best take away from this effort of yours?

Flava Matikz: There's still a chance. There's still hope. Just believe.
Miss Ramonne:
keep pushing on. Let nothing hold you down. No no no no no...!
Knowa Lazarus: That we got soul!

Alex Phat Boy Lim.png (25 KB)   Collab Class by Alex "Phat Boy" Lim
Alex Lim aka Phat Boy Lim is the head honcho of Beat This Philippines, he started the radio show back in June 2017 to feature Filipino-Made music that had a global sound appeal, moving forward it is now a media channel that documents talents locally and globally.

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Make sure to listen to Q-York x Miss Ramonne's "Can't Hold Me Down" on rotation at our 24/7 online radio found on the Beat This Philippines website or check out the official lyric video below.