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October 01, 2020

Ormoc’s very own dynamite duo, Noah Glynn Alejandre and Reanne Julia Borela, who go by their group name Reon has just released their latest single “Wish It Was True” last September 4,  which was their first song under Warner Music Philippines. This indie pop act displays a mix of dreamy, electronic, and nostalgic kind of aesthetic to their songs that is perfect when you’re all alone in a car with just music to keep you company, which puts you and your mind in an imaginary music video.

Being new to the music industry, the duo Reon has had a wonderful experience as described by them. They aim to emulate and achieve the same level of success that many artists, that have served as their inspiration, have been able to achieve. To Noah a few of his inspirations have been, Jeremy Zucker because of the emotion he puts into his songs which he finds amazing, Walk Off the Earth because of their unusual melodies, and JP Saxe who has inspired him in the modern side of the music production. As for Reanne, it was Reese Lansangan, Moira Dela Torre, and Ben&Ben.

reon is mostly compared to gnash, Reese Lansangan, Jeremy Zucker, and Chelsea Cutler. Their song "Wish It Was True" portrays a person who often dreams about a person that he/she barely knows but this dream eventually leads to a deep romantic feeling for that certain person. The song concludes in a realization, where the main character realizes that it was nothing more than just a dream.

Despite being just fresh in their music career, reon was successfully able to reach the finals of PhilPop 2020 and is part of Top 15 chosen that will be competing this December. This new experience to Noah and Reanne will never be a hindrance from their dreams but it will only serve to fuel their ambitions even deeper.

As the duo likes to say ‘Never Stop Dreaming. Know that opportunities are just around the corner and if you’d show them that you’re driven with your passion, success is going to be the one who’d chase you. Don’t mind what other people tell you and continue to follow your heart because that’s what’s important.’ The journey of Noah and Reanne as Reon has only just begun, and with their perseverance and dedication to their passion, we are sure they will be emerging big and epic in such a competitive industry! 

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Make sure to listen to reon's “Wish It Was True” on regular rotation at our 24/7 online radio found on Beat This Philippines website or check out the official lyric video below.