Ru AREYOU Flow St8

November 02, 2020

After a great interview on BEHIND This Beat Podcast, we wanted to talk more about Ru AREYOU’s latest EP release Flow St8. This EP has a unique sound that makes you realize what you were missing out on. It is presented in a 4 song package containing 4 amazing tracks that will make you crave more from Ru AREYOU. Flow St8 is this state in which your body and mind are in the zone of full focus, enjoyment and it is also the feeling you get when you listen to it.

The first song from Flow St8 is “Melt” featuring J Blaze. Now this song has a boom bap style beat that gets the listeners hype to hear the rest of the EP. This set the tone or mood for the entire project. “Melt” gives us this feeling of being energized but with a calm energy.

“Maganda” comes next and it talks about giving an ode to the previous generation for what they have done and giving the next generation the ease and freedom to live their life.

“NEW Energy” is the third track of this EP and this song talks about how we should be thankful for every single day we live. “Every new day is like a holiday.” The present day is always the most important and we have to live our lives and through our passion and appreciate life. This song also has a music video out now that is a must watch for Ru AREYOU fans.

“OTL” or On The Low ends the listening journey of the EP and it talks about sex and acceptance of your own sexuality. Ru AREYOU in this song, talks about how there is nothing wrong with sex because it’s just a normal part of life. On The Low means that you don’t have to tell everyone about it. You can be accepting and in touch with your sexuality without having to tell the whole world about it.

Overall, this is a top notch effort by rapper/producer Ru AREYOU. It is very well produced and has an amazing theme that leads back to the title of the EP, Flow St8. The sound as a whole is extremely energizing for everyone who listens to it for the first time. The EP is also very well balanced in its sound where nothing is overpowering and all the singing and rapping harmonizes well with the tempo and vibe of each song. Flow St8 is a must listen and It will create fans out of new listeners and will keep people on the lookout for Ru AREYOU’s future projects.

7.jpg (12 KB)   EP Emergency by Kenn Ohdate
Kenn Ohdate is a Filipino-Japanese music enthusiast, fitness trainer, and a BEATTHISPH content writer. My hobbies are all over the place from working out, caring for my bonsai, searching for the best sounds, and more.

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