Saweetie: BEHIND This Beat Podcast

July 19, 2020

I would be lying if I said we weren’t nervous for our next guest on our BEHIND This Beat Podcast, but we set out to bring Filipino artists together on a global scale and what a way to do that by checking in with the majors doing it big!

Filipino-American rapper Saweetie has been on the come up for the last few years, working with some of the biggest producers in the game as well as making her mark in the overall rap community, you might be familiar with her breakout singles "Icy Girl" and "My Type" which has pathed the way to her official debut album that’s due to drop in the coming months. Modestly saying there’s room for improvement in this podcast, you can’t deny that she is where she is today thanks to her talent, dedication, and hard work (a trait she thanks her Filipino side for). 

In the short time we had with Saweetie I felt comfortable (still nervous though) to get to know her a little more, at times I forgot that an hour before chatting to her I had watched a full-length interview with her and significant other Quavo on GQ (more about that in the podcast). It was humbling to hear her support for the Filipino people and repping the flag with such pride -  a leaf ALL Filipino artists should take from her book to highlight the true talent Filipinos hold.

A huge thank you to Saweetie’s team and Warner Music Philippines for giving us this opportunity and we hope you enjoy this episode of BEHIND This Beat!

3.jpg (14 KB)   BEHIND This Beat by Cameron Klepiak
Cameron Klepiak is an artist/producer under the stage name Boy Graduate. Based in Melbourne but frequenting to the Philippines, he has a passion for independent music and undiscovered artists.

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