Sepia Times "Fade To Black"

October 04, 2020

Cebu’s Alternative Pop duo, Sepia Times releases their latest track, “Fade To Black”, and since their return from a short hiatus earlier this year, Sepia Times have been releasing new music more consistently and it keeps getting better. They came back with their comeback single, “Pills”, which was a colorful and melancholic song with a heavy hitting chorus. Sepia Times also came out with a remastered version of their fan favorite song “Breakfast”. Arguably their best song yet, “Fade To Black” is going to create more fans wanting more from this duo.

The alternative pop style gives Sepia Times their uniqueness in their sound. The combination of distorted guitars, electronic sound, synth elements, and a pop song writing style gives them a sound that is artistically distinctive to them.

“Fade To Black” is an introspective track that talks about the futility people can experience when they go through the process of changing themselves. It is about how you might be trying hard to change but sometimes, you just go back to how it was and fade back into the darkness. The song has an upbeat style to it with some electronic elements that will remind you of Daft Punk at times. The lyrics on the other hand goes towards the opposite directions being a little dark that it gives the song more depth in its contradiction.

“Fade To Black” is just one of the few great songs from Sepia Times and they will be coming out with more soon. Their songs tell stories of existence, feeling, and the art of being human. Sepia Times have put themselves into their art and have created beautiful music in the process.

7.jpg (12 KB)   The Track Record by Kenn Ohdate
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