Sin Santos: BEHIND This Beat

September 13, 2020

Filipino made music is starting to make its mark as shown by milestones such as Paradise Rising’s recent release of the Succulent EP (which boasts an all-star Filipino line up) and we like to think we have the next hand ready to be dealt with the masses, one of which being Filipino born - Melbourne based Sin Santos. Alex "Phat Boy" Lim and I caught up with Sin Santos to chat about everything music and culture for our third episode of BEHIND This Beat Podcast

Now before we go any further, this was our first time recording the podcast live, which was broadcasted to Facebook in real-time and made for a much more impromptu and exciting show, so be sure to follow our official Facebook at Beat This Philippines for future streams and be apart of the fun on our next live broadcast.

I’ve been blessed to know Sin Santos for the better part of 3 years thanks to our love for music and hailing from the same city of Melbourne, what you can expect from this episode is some hard truths and struggles that we as artists face every day and the determination to progress into something bigger and better, evidently shown on his extensive catalog (which we deep dive into on the episode, another first for BEHIND This Beat). Tapping into the popularity of melodic rap mixed with his unique story is truly something special and we truly hope you get behind this awesome Filipino act as we continue to support and band together. 

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Cameron Klepiak is an artist-producer under the stage name Boy Graduate. Based in Melbourne but frequenting to the Philippines, he has a passion for independent music and undiscovered artists. He is also the co-host for the podcast show.

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