Dom Guyot "Here for U"

July 18, 2020

An emotional roller coaster told through a captivating vocal performance, Dominic F. Guyot or otherwise known as his artist’s name Dom Guyot delivers a positive message of healing through his latest single "Here for U". Produced by the Cebuano hallmark producer and one half of Route 83, Carlisle Tabanera and arranged by Christian Faelnar,"Here for U" was released on all digital streaming platforms last 26th of June along with a lyric video on YouTube.

The track "Here for U" delivers a strong and firm message of healing together through positive connections made with the right people. With mental illness being a silent struggle many people face throughout these days, lines from the song such as ‘Soon we won’t be our own hater’ and ‘Sadness comes when I’m alone’  solidify the importance of finding a connection to get through these struggles. The vocalization on the track "Here for U" is nothing short of ethereal, and  truly captures the emotions being portrayed throughout the track by Dom Guyot. Accompanied by a soothing yet melancholic piano roll by Carlisle, this track can only be compared to ardent tracks of Sam Smith like ‘I’m not the only one’.

‘Your life is full of worth, Your story matters, You are important’ these are words from the artists Dom Guyot himself, speaking on how important we support each other with positivity throughout these hard times. With an album in the works as well, we expect to see more meaningful and captivating tracks from Dom in the near future. 

5.jpg (13 KB)   The Track Record by Trevor Sederiosa
Trevor Jules G. Sederiosa also known as TREV. He is a combo to know, Artist, Publicist, Media Relations, and only 19 years old. Need a hustler? Get in touch with me and let's talk.

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