Trev "Maria"

June 29, 2020

Cebu rising artist, Trevor Jules Sedriosa, also known as TREV, is back with his new single “Maria”. This song is produced by Cebuano upstart producer Snare. From the beautiful Latin inspired beat to the catchy hook, this song will make you smash that repeat button over and over again.

TREV has been involved within the Cebu music scene for over 2 years now where he has performed numerous shows in established venues. His song “Hurt The Ones I Love” has also reached the Viral Top 50 PH on Spotify. Aside from being an artist, TREV has also meddled within the business side of the music industry. He is currently working in an Australian based Record Label and Music PR company where he learns more about the music industry and continuously builds his musical skillset.

For more insight on the song, this is what TREV had to say about the theme of the song: “The title and the theme of the song are based on my prior exposure to musicians such as Carlos Santana. In my childhood, I wanted to create a track that was a nod to those influences seeing as the song 'Smooth' by Santana and Rob Thomas was one of the first songs I learned to sing as a kid. The topic of the song revolves around me talking about a girl who sends mixed signals and how I'm really trying to avoid personal connections in general because I've been really busy trying to work on my music and hustling to get a fortune.

Make sure to listen to TREV's "Maria" on rotation at our 24/7 online radio found on the website or check out the official audio below.