September 14, 2020

Waiian releases his long-awaited album GOOD PROBLEMS and it is creative, unique, inspiring, and so much more. He exudes an aura of talent while still being one of the realest and down to earth artists. What sets Waiian apart from the rest is his lyricism and flow. His lyrics roll off the tongue with ease and the uniqueness of the flow of his words is something that is difficult to find in other artists. GOOD PROBLEMS is an album where Waiian shows off his skill set while expressing his way of facing the harsh realities of life full-on and with a positive mental attitude.

The album starts with “Grow”, a track that sets the whole mood for this album. He starts off by saying Lord thank you for making me a dope ass rapper, not a typical fuck boy rapper that spends five days a week in the club, but who am I to judge them right? Amen”. This intro shows to the world his confidence in himself and his skillset on being a real dope ass rapper. 

“Dangerous” talks about the temptations and just a glimpse of the struggles that come with fame. He talks about all the attention he receives from women and how some people think they know him, but they only know him as the artist and not on a more personal level. All the fame and spotlight an artist receives when they create something successful can burn them out mentally but, in the end, they must push through and keep going. 

“God Bless” is an inspirational song that talks about his journey on being one of the realest rappers in the Philippines. He talks about the environment that he is, the struggles, the injustices, and how all he can do is to stay true to himself and be brave enough to speak out. He trusts in God and he trusts in the process.  

GOOD PROBLEMS is an amazing album that shows what Waiian can really do. Ruiijikun was fully hands on in producing this album while Rahyel and Lustbass both had their share of producing on the album as well. O’neen O’nonymous from Kartell’em had his hands on producing and mixing certain songs while Calix was mastering the songs into a masterpiece. They have all helped create a timeless album for Waiian. Last, but not least, is the album art that was created by Andoi Rodriguez who invented his own letters to create a hypnotic feel that serves as a stamp on this project. GOOD PROBLEMS is a must listen to album that will create fans out of anyone who hears it.

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Kenn Ohdate is a Filipino-Japanese music enthusiast, fitness trainer, and a BEATTHISPH content writer. My hobbies are all over the place from working out, caring for my bonsai, searching for the best sounds, and more.

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