Yoki: Fresh Fire

June 16, 2020

Fresh Fire: Yoki by Kenn Ohdate

Alfonso Gonzales has been in the music scene since 2013 and you might have seen him shredding the guitar for a band called Mad Hatter Day, or rocking his vocals for Post-Hardcore band The Antagonist. His experience in music has been varied throughout his life and around 2016 he ventured into the Hip-hop scene in Manila where he is now known as Yoki

Since then, Yoki has hit the Philippine Viral 50 on Spotify with his song “Get Me Higher”. His song “Good Karma” was also featured on Beat This PH The Chosen Dozen Spotify Playlist. He’s performed in a number of Manila underground shows with other great artists such as M$TRYO, Psychedelic Boyz, Poor Taste, and many more. 

Yoki just released his first Tagalog single titled “Sa’yo” which talks about a relationship that you just can’t get over. The song focuses on the different things you’ve done together with that person and the emotions that you feel when you spend time together. This track will hit you right in the feels and make you feel a certain way. 

We asked Yoki more about his new single and how he went about producing the song and his own style. He says:

“This was actually something I produced when I was hanging out with Al James at my place. I was just playing around with some chord progression in the Key of C and thus “Sa’yo” was made. There’s really nothing special with how I produce, I always try and keep my production pretty simple. I only used a Rhodes piano, a synthesizer for my leads, and my own drum kit.” 

We asked Yoki for his words of advice that he wanted to convey to the listeners, readers, and other fellow artists. He says

“Keep on doing what you love! You don’t have to impress anyone but yourself. As long as you’re happy with the music you make, the rest will follow.” 

Yoki is currently working on his first album coupled with some music videos for his up and coming songs so keep an eye out for this amazing artist.

For more of Yoki, follow him on streaming and social media, click the icons below: 

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Take a listen and watch the lyric video below of "Get Me Higher"