Zirrion: FRESH Fire

September 05, 2020

RJ Montalban, an indie electronic singer-songwriter and producer from Tagum, Davao Del Norte, known by his artist name Zirrion has just released an EP with its lead single "bedroom contemplation" together with 4 other tracks last August 21, 2020.

Inspired by the late Avicii, Zirrion had never thought that electronic music has a wide catalog to offer, so he decided to learn and explore more about it. Overawed by others who are good at singing, Zirrion stopped his indulgence in music but later in his path, continued learning about music production, songwriting, DJ-ing, and anything more to pursue a career in music. After being rejected by his 3rd grade crush during their 9th grade, with all of the drama, Zirrion had a hard time forgetting the incident and needed a distraction to focus on his passion for becoming an independent music artist.

After being devoted to making songs about his personal experiences and mental health problems, Zirrion made an EP that highlights all the memories that had to happen in the very confines of his bedroom. His music can be best described as a mix of electronic and rock music inspired by some artist like San Holo, Owl City, ILLENIUM, Said the Sky, Dabin, Seven Lions, Madeon, LANY, Green Day, A R I Z O N A, and All Time Low to name some.

With the emergence of Zirrion’s latest EP bedroom contemplation with its lead single of the same name together with 4 other tracks, the artist plans to grow his fanbase and will continue building his own bedroom studio that makes him earn and create more music. Zirrion has really come out of his shell which is obviously visible that he had an untapped pool of talent and creativity to showcase through his music. 

Andrea Gocotano.png (35 KB)   Fresh Fire by Andrea Gocotano
I am Andrea Gocotano, I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do and I am always motivated to do my best every day. I always strive to finish the things that are assigned to me and I never stop until I finish it.

Make sure to listen to Zirrion's “bedroom contemplation” on rotation at our 24/7 online radio found on Beat This Philippines website or check out the official audio below.