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Papercut is a common experience for everyone. But aside from being a tiny slit on your finger, it also stands as a metaphor of being heartbroken. Route 83, an electronic pop duo from Cebu composed of music producer Carlisle Tabanera and singer/songwriter Relden Campanilla, gives us a glimpse of how the pain of losing someone without closure fades in time with their new song, “Papercut.”
Route 83 first introduced their music with future beats combined with Cebuano lyrics which can be heard from their tracks “Padayona” featuring rap-singer Flo, “What (Unsa Man?)”, and their fan favorite, “Pagmahay.”  Some of their standout singles include tracks such as “I Don’t Wanna Go” featuring Kurt Fick, “Alive” featuring Mr. King Spade, and “Save Me” being the first single distributed under Warner Music Philippines. With over 1,000,000 streams combining all their tracks released since mid 2018, they continue to help reshape Cebu’s music scene with their evolving sound.
The electronic pop duo have been notable in many events locally and nationally. They recently performed at Coke Studio held at Danao City, Baladhay Music Festival during Sinulog, Bisaya Music Festival, Dinagyang Festival held at Iloilo, Beat This Philippines “Our Time Is Now” 2nd Anniversary, and Beat This Alliance Manila Connections among many others.
You might be familiar with some of their tracks appearing on many playlists on streaming platforms. In fact, their tracks have been included on some of the biggest Spotify curated playlists both nationally and internationally namely OPM Rising, Chillax Ka Muna, OPM Workday Marathon, and Top Hits Taiwan, being the only Filipino artist who got picked on the Taiwanese playlist, to name many of the official playlists that they are in. Prominent tracks on global playlists are “Save Me” and “Papercut” but their music doesn’t stop there. Route 83 are also penetrating on radio with their songs being part of a couple well-known stations’ regular rotation. You can hear and request for their songs at Y101, Magic 92.3, Monster Radio BT105.9 and most of your go to station. Their track “Save Me” was also on Wave 89.1 Manila Hot8@8 Top Chart for 8 weeks.
Route 83 is putting out enjoyable pop tunes with their recent release, “Papercut.” Although the song contains a love/pain situation feels, it is getting more and more listens online and on air, making it one of their successful releases yet under the global major label, Warner Music Philippines. The artistic process of making their songs varies from time to time and as for  “Papercut,” it came naturally to Relden, singer-songwriter of the duo, who mentioned that melody and the lyrics came directly after creating the chord progression of the song. The production process was also finished smoothly in a session with Carlisle, music producer of the duo, and then added finishing touches to the demo on the same day. “Papercut” makes you realize that you are in control of your own situation and your own healing from your wounds from a heartache. Relden explains“This song is able to communicate a positive message despite its dark atmosphere. Once you acknowledge and stop avoiding the pain that love brings, it won’t be able to hurt you that much anymore.”
Route 83 mentions that they are happy with the direction they are taking on their artistic journey at the moment. As Carlisle mentions, “We are happy with all the songs we’ve made so far. We always want to improve and get better, and we are genuinely happy with our pace, our output, and the reception we receive.” They are seemingly not taking things fast but also not taking things slow especially with their music saying that “the only way to go from here is forward.” 

Their new partnership with Warner Music Philippines definitely opened many opportunities for them. Route 83 is currently working on the music video for their latest release, “Papercut” and is in the works of their first EP expected to be released on March 2020.
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