Monre "Finesse It"

August 20, 2020 - 6905 views

The British Born Filipino singer-songwriter Reynaldo Monument who is also known as Monrè. (Mon-rey) is back with his newest single "Finesse It", giving it a fusion of old school hip-hop, R&B, and K-pop elements with its smooth and atmospheric sound.

His latest song "Finesse It" portrays the concept of when we invest our time into someone else who does not reciprocate the same feelings. The song can definitely put you on the mood that makes you want to dance and groove.

Monrè created the music video amidst the pandemic and yet he was still able to deliver on a video that is aesthetically pleasing. The dark and grimy music video was directed and filmed by Venus Monument and edited by the artist himself.

Regardless of ethnicity and societal expectations that were placed on Monrè, he was able to showcase his capabilities as a singer-songwriter and it was through this song "Finesse It"

Release Date on YouTube: August 8, 2020

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