Paul Ramirez "Bai"

August 30, 2020 - 2478 views

Davao based Pop Singer Songwriter, Paul Clores Ramirez also known as Paul Ramirez, has just released his debut single, “Bai”. With a positive vibe to the song that reflects the artist’s aesthetic and personality, that we are sure everyone can vibe to and appreciate.

The music also portrays a strong message to empower people who speak in conyo, to educate others who misunderstand its existence and to never judge someone’s way of speaking because of their culture. Paul Ramirez managed to plan a very artistic storyboard that suits the lyrics of the song. With a very fair budget, Paul Ramirez used his creativity and resourcefulness which brought to life a music video that is aesthetically pleasing and great to see.

This proud and talented artist mentions that Lady Gaga is his favorite artist because she inspires him to be who he is today, an artist who does not conform to societies standards. Throughout his journey, achievements and experience the artist was motivated to do more as an aspiring artist who is living bold, strong and full of confidence, Paul Ramirez was truly able to deliver with his debut single “Bai”.

Release Date on YouTube: July 29, 2020

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