September 16, 2020 - 391 views

Los Angeles based Filipino-American producer, songwriter, and artist, Rudy Reynon also known as Ru AREYOU, released his music video for “NEW ENERGY” and definitely bringing that energetic vibe. The music video shows the viewers how simplicity in videos can be more than enough. His background in dance and martial arts shows in his confidence of how he carries himself and how he goes about his movements.

“NEW ENERGY” was shot and edited by Andrew Franz and he does a great job in shooting creative shots that go well with the music. There is a mixture of chill and ominous vibes that come from these shots and edits combined with the track.

“NEW ENERGY” is a track that will give you that energy to get a party or pre-game started. It is a song that you can chill to and still hype you up, Ru AREYOU should be part of your listening radar after watching this music video.

Release Date on YouTube: July 06, 2020

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