December Avenue keyboard player releases electronic music under the name Invisibleants

December Avenue keyboard player releases electronic music under the name Invisibleants

Invisibleants Blog 3.15.2019
Gelo Cruz, as everyone knows him, is the keyboardist behind the explosive internet band December Avenue which by now you would be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of them. With millions and millions of views on Youtube and constant gigging all over the country, you wouldn’t think that this talented individual would have the time to create a music output yet alone make a sound on the electronic side of things. 
Invisibleants started in 2010 when Gelo Cruz delve in making dubstep and electronic dance music. It was just a way of fighting creative stagnation when he was still studying Music Production in DLS-CSB. This eventually became more than just a melodic escape when he found his true sound. His influences growing up begin to show on his creative efforts including a mix of R&B, Soul, Jazz to Pop, Hip Hop and Rock.
Following the 2018 release EP called REBIRTH, “Gone” is the journey from longing and waiting for one’s love and efforts to be reciprocated to finally getting it only after you’ve let go and moved on from that person and relationship. Gelo Cruz collaborated with school block-mate, Leah Matibag also know as Vvallflower, she did all the lyrics, melody and main vocals while Gelo did all the production, some backup vocals, mixing and mastering. 
Invisibleants surprised us with this track and got us excited for his future on this musical path. 
Check out the lyric video for “Gone” below.

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