Flymeon releases first EP called Randomize

Flymeon releases first EP called Randomize

Flymeon 3.19.2019
If you’re one of those individuals who follow us on social media, you’ve probably seen this guy on photos hanging out with the community of Cebu’s beat makers and music producers. Back in 2017, He was introduced to me by my co-host, Chad Manzo a.k.a. Tetsou, as a foreign visitor who loves music and wants to get to know the people behind it. From that time, I was not one to assume the incredible talent this person can contribute to our live electronic music scene.
Cebu-based French DJ/producer, Flymeon, is a music artist that you should consider listening and, an emphasis on this, WATCHING him play live. The first time he performed for us was at the Beat This Live Assembly back in June 2018 at Holic Live Mango Square Mall and we were blown away with the electronic music presentation we witnessed that night. Beautifully mixing the sound between techno, electronica and progressive house, Flymeon describes his music to be often led by hyper-saturated synths that remind us of wild guitar riffs played by a bunch of long-haired metal heads.
Beat This Radio supports his craft and is excited to inform everyone about his upcoming EP release called RANDOMIZE which will be available on all of your favorite music streaming apps this March 29, 2019. The EP will include 5 tracks and as he defines it depicts the violence and also the wonders of the world we live in, with tracks evolving from raw, fierce electronic music to wide beautiful melodies. On the same date, Flymeon will also be performing live alongside Cebu’s beat-smiths and music artists for the EP Release Party which will be held at Draf Punk Mango Square Mall
We invite all you electronic music heads to be there and experience an explosive night with us. More information on the event and the line up below.

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